Besides my GPS and Personal Booklet, my Canon EOS 300D was my truly faithful helpmate along the Blue Tour. As I left more and more kilometers behind, I made more and more photographs to preserve all the things I had seen, and to be able to show the natural beauty of Hungary to my friends, my relatives and all the others. This digital camera is huge compared to the compact ones (so I need a big pack to carry it along), but the image quality is much higher - and that is the important thing for me.

These pictures were converted from RAW files (not all, but the majority) without considerable modifications, and were saved into jpg files using a compression quality setting of 10-12 (in Photoshop) and a height of 440 pixels. All the flash-based galleries were optimized for 1024×768 displays. If you need one, you can download a flash player from the following link: [Adobe Flash Player]

The pictures are in sequences according to the day or days they were made on, and these sequences are arranged within the section (thus within the gallery) according to the official direction of the Tour. It is only important in sections which were not accomplished on one day.