I started hiking right after I bought my first GPS (Garmin Geko 201). In the first months, I used it for geocaching, but when I realized the potential in the creation of elevation profiles, my filed of interest changed, and I started to hike more and more frequently without searching for caches, but just for the fun of walking in nature, far from the noise of civilization. I bought my Personal Booklet, and started the accomplishment of the CBT in the Mátra Mountains...

Before the October of 2006, I used a Garmin GPS 60, and then a GPSmap 60 CSx after that. The latter is one of the best hand-held GPS devices now on the market, it has a barometric altimeter and a high-sensitivity SiRFstar III GPS receiver. Combining these, it is possible to draw very accurate elevation profiles. (With this technology, the level of precision is much more higher than with gadgets using only a barometric altimeter, because the small but cumulative "shifts" caused by the changes in atmospheric pressure can be corrected with the running-average of the GPS elevation...)

Click on the desired section's corresponding icon above to reach the elevation profile. The profiles were made with an approximate vertical distortion of 10× and they contain not only the official route, but some of the by-pass sections along the Tour also. The not yet accomplished sections are marked with pale icons.